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Professor Layton character redesigns?! by synchrome
Professor Layton character redesigns?!
also on tumblr, with extra notes -->…

I'm still trying to get back into the groove of drawing, but with work 5 days a week and other things, it's difficult. I just hope that I have time for a full CG illustration at least sometime in the next two weeks @__@

copy + paste description from tumblr:

Look, I'm still alive! Here's some Professor Layton character (re)design studies! It was fun drawing in a more shape-oriented aesthetic, and interpreting the characters in a different way!

I didn't bother with characters that had more caricatured features (e.g. Dean Delmona, Goosey) because they would just look the same if I drew them. Rather, I took characters that have pretty ambiguous and/or similar features, and gave them varying features that suited their personality. It helps that my summer job includes drawing people. I still have a lot to learn about character design, but it's really fun!

although I've never really done anything like this, surprisingly the results came out well, I think? I try not to think of my drawings as "anime style" or "cartoon style" or any "style"! I just think of them as drawing. as long as you know the basics, you can experiment with your knowledge, combine concepts, and create things that are new!

- this is NOT meant to be 100% accurate to the original designs, or me claiming that they are law. it's just my personal interpretations of the characters.
ORIG: Happy 5th Anniversary!! by synchrome
ORIG: Happy 5th Anniversary!!

Wow, has it been five years already?! Half a decade has passed! My original story and characters have developed so much, while at the same time, I still have a lot of work to do. ;3;

I used to draw a lot of originals back in 2011, and I think drawing was less stressful then. I feel kind of bad that I unwittingly moved to more fanart, because a lot of people initially +watched me because of my originals... ;; Regardless, I hope to draw more originals in the future -- cheers! Here's to the future!

I was at a loss as to how to colour this; I ended up drawing inspiration from Akiakane?! In my defense, I haven't done colours like these since my Panda Hero picture two years ago, so... yeah...

I notice I'm not very decisive with pictures that don't have a background ;-; without backgrounds, the aim of my drawings just end up ambiguous. that probably means I should work on backgrounds more hahaha

Terence is quite angry here (he's usually pretty laidback). Though I think naturally anyone would be, if there was at least 200 pounds worth of annoying kids sitting on top of you.

I'll be uploading some Professor Layton doodles later tonight as well 8)))))

Characters (top -> bottom: Flynn, Nate, Terence) © me
It's been a good five years since I joined deviantart! :')

I've had good memories and experiences here!! I've met a lot of cool pals! People I've met at conventions (well, just Anime North lmaooo), people I talk to regularly over twitter, and those I've drifted away from for some reason. Still, I'm thankful for the friends I've met here.

I've gotten a lot better as an artist over the years. As a child and a preteen, I never quite had friends who shared the same interest I had for art. It's been really inspiring being on deviantart, and seeing how passionate people are about art. It's helped me out a lot; motivating me to work as hard as my idols, and just knowing that I'm not alone in my interest!

[ORIGINAL] Kings and Queens by synchrome Baccano! by synchrome Ib: La reine by synchrome Soul Eater: FEARLESS by synchrome

^ most recent from 2014, selected works. Okay so apparently we have to explain why we chose each work. so I'll do that HAHA.

I chose these because I'm trying to develop a colouring style! I hardly drew in 2013, so I'm trying a lot harder this year to develop my style. The first two were fun experiments with a more desaturated colour palette. Desaturated colours are hard to work with; I think most people (including myself) are afraid that desaturated = dull and boring. But once you learn how to use the right colours, it can work! The last one was fun because I came up with the colour palette on my own! I'd like to try more stylistic/graphic styles in the future, in addition to my more rendered style, in the first three.

RHETORIC by synchrome GALACTIC ILLUMINATION by synchrome Happy Dragon Year, Miku! by synchrome

^ 2012. all of these have super super suuuuper bright colours lmao. I worked with contrast/dramatic light a lot this year! I still drew a lot of busts, but at least I tried more poses, and actually drawing legs and feet haha. I think this is the year I learned and improved the most. Starting this year, I unwittingly moved more towards fanart, but nowadays I'm trying to do more originals too.

Dynamic by synchrome bonne nuit by synchrome oujisama ni naritai by synchrome

^ 2011. I was really proud of the simplicity of the first one! My sense of contrast was weaker before 2012. My colours weren't as bright and were thus softer. I also avoided drawing full bodies!! 

Imagine What by synchrome Daid by synchrome Limeonade by synchrome 

^ even older pieces from 2010!! I really liked bright colours and blinding people. And hipster fashion. Basically 99% of my work were originals!

It seems like I started off with bright colours -> desaturated -> bright -> and back to desaturated lmaoooo. 

Comparing these ten pictures, you can tell I moved away from boring busts where characters didn't do anything, and started drawing pictures where something was actually going on, learning about colour and contrast, composition, etc... I want to draw more backgrounds! and character interactions! 

Still need to settle down on a style ;3; but it looks like that's not gonna happen anytime soon HAHA.

But, there's been a lot of bumps in the road, and there still are. I don't think I quite have the same spark I did in 2011 and the first half of 2012, when I just drew for fun, and I experimented with new techniques and subjects in each picture. I fell out of it hard in the second half of 2012 and the entirety of 2013 ;-; not just because of school, but I think I was just in such a state of limbo, and I was unmotivated. I think I need to be following a show/anime, manga, or game, at all times LMAO ;;

2013 Artssss by synchrome 2012 Summary by synchrome Alice's 2011 Art Summary by synchrome

2013 -> 2012 -> 2011

Lately I've been watching and reading a lot more things! Last summer I didn't do much besides part-time work, so I want to try and be more productive this summer. Right now I'm reading Oyasumi Punpun and Pandora Hearts; watching Gravity Falls, Game of Thrones, Aldnoah.Zero, Tokyo Ghoul. and I want to try Zankyou no Terror too!? Fiction keeps my mind motivated and lively, haha.

Still a big time waster and I'm still not very active..........

Regardless, to the future! Here's to great art and undying spirit!!
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PREORDERS ENDED! but you can still buy stuff from my shop!

Hello all! ;3; I don't know if anyone reads my journals, but I just wanted to throw out a reminder that the preorder period will end on Saturday July 19th EST, for selected items in my shop!

Some people have been asking me about my Ace Attorney and Professor Layton buttons, and Baccano print, and yes, they're still available!

NOTE: The items pictured below are only SOME of the things in my shop. there are some more 8.5x11" and 4x6" prints which are not pictured here.

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[ORIGINAL] Kings and Queens by synchrome
[ORIGINAL] Kings and Queens
A group picture of my OCs was long, looooong overdue!! ;-; I've been developing my original story and character designs all year round, but I really miss CGing them...! not to mention I was swamped with drawing only AN stuff for basically five months haha..........

This is an old concept I recycled from a sketch from 2012. I did the basic layout sketch two years ago, but I redrew it, so everything here is new!!! I didn't bother making an actual background, because this isn't a serious CG where I have to do the background completely from scratch (also I'm lazy and I'm not as patient as before ;; ). but it was fun to experiment with new colouring techniques and values!

ON ANOTHER NOTE, I started watching Game of Thrones and I am COMPLETELY INVESTED... it's hard for me to REALLY get into shows in general, just saying. aryaaaaaa and jon snooooooow buwaaaaaa ;-;

Characters from back to front: Vita, Eva, Nate, Flynn, Terence; CLOUD9x. and characters© me
Other originals >>…
Inspired by Pandora Hearts by Jun Mochizuki
Background from…


a(li)ce attorney
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"OBJECTION! That was... objectionable."

:star:Hi, I'm Alice! I love to draw (albeit slowly) and meet new people! :3c I still have a looong way to go, and although I get lazy sometimes, I'm constantly looking for ways to improve in my work.

Games: 999, Ace Attorney, Professor Layton, Ib, Earthbound, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
Animu/mango: FMA (my favourite!!), Magi, Pandora Hearts, Hourou Musuko, Zankyou no Terror, Oyasumi Punpun
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